Unreleased Tracks

Oasis did record some interesting demos around 1992 that have never been released. Here is a list. Click the title to view the lyrics.
In the Spring of 1993 Oasis recorded their first professional sounding demo tape at the Real People's studio in Liverpool. The original tape, named Live Demonstration featured the now familiar looking Oasis swirling Union Jack motif. Only ten copies of this demo tape were made, one of which was given to Alan McGee which secured Oasis a record deal. The tape includes an unreleased song,'Strange Thing'. A full on rocker, backed by a Manchester beat, it shares the same bluesy intro riff as the Stone Roses ''Love Spreads', which may be one reason it hasn't become a single or album track. The lyrics, although clumsy in places, are classic Noel Gallagher:
Seven minutes long, Colour My Life, is another Manchester influenced track recorded around 1992. The Stone Roses influence is startling as Liam sounds almost exactly like Ian Brown. The drum pattern sounds almost like house music - a far cry from the straight rock and roll of Definitely Maybe.
Probably the most interesting of all Oasis' early demo recordings (again around '92) as Take Me was written by Liam Gallagher and Paul Arthurs. Take Me is apparently the famous Liam track that Noel has always wanted to record properly - Liam won't let him. The lyrics are pretty basic but the song as a whole certainly shows that Liam can write:
"Take Me when I'm young and true/ Was it me or was it you?/ Take me when I'm not so strong/ Why is it taking you so long?"
"Take me when you feel I've gone/ I always knew I could be someone/ Take me if you think you're right/ Do it now before it's light."
A cover of an early '90s house track, Better Let You Know really shows up Oasis' baggy roots. This is the song that during last year's Radio 1 documentary, Noel recalls playing at the band's first ever gig. Liam's vocal is badly distorted and echoed, Tony's drumming is far faster than anything on Definitely Maybe, and Noel plays an obvious lead throughout the entire song rather than just the backing.
Again, lead by a strong house beat, See The Sun is a great song similar in feel to Colour My Life. The lyrics are certainly a bit basic but the chorus is fantastic - really catchy, ending with the lines:
Pretty short by Oasis' standards Must Be The Music (demo) lasts for just over three minutes. The feel is very much like other earlier demos. The track is almost like a Noel instrumental - Liam repeating a chorus over and over with long guitar solos through out the song. Interesting but ultimately a bit boring.
A great Noel instrumental jam featuring much more of a rock riff than any of the other demos. Snakebite is a lot closer to the traditional Oasis of Definitely Maybe. The demo fades out after about two and a half minutes.
A brilliant slow, acoustic track. Liam, singing with a really silky, clean cut voice sounds really strange on the live version- perhaps because the vocals are echoed. Noel's lyrics, about leaving a relationship, are pretty scathing - brilliant stuff.
I Will Show You is a simple 'rock 'n' roll' song with some pretty appalling, droning vocals from Liam. Noel plays the Squire-like,'jangly' guitar riffs pretty well, but ultimately this track is a bit of a disappointment.
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