The Band

Liam Gallagher : Lead Vocals
Date of Birth : 21st September 1972
    William Gallagher is the youngest of the Gallagher brothers. Liam sings the majority of the songs for Oasis. It is not commonly known that Liam can also play the piano, he is also now learning to play the guitar, he's meant to be quite good aswell. Liam has also written a few lines in some songs, such as the chorus in Columbia and an entire song, called Take Me which is an early song. Overall, his song writing has been summarized as "utter shite" by brother Noel. Liam has also co-written a song with former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire for John's new band 'Seahorses', the song is called 'Love Me And Leave Me' It was actually Liam who changed the name of the band 'The Rain' to 'Oasis' when he joined. Liam has a reputation for being a 'bad boy' of rock 'n' roll. He gained this rep after a number of events, such as sticking his fingers up to the press and spiting on the stage at the MTV awards. Liam's known for his saying "Mad fer it!" . Liam is married to Patsy Kensit and they live together in London along with Patsy's son.

Noel Gallagher : Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Date of Birth : 29th May 1967
Considered by many as the man responsible for the success of Oasis. Noel joined the band and took them to success. Noel writes all the songs for the band and is 'the boss' of the band. Noel claims to write about 20 songs a week. He composes them at night, and "if I remember them the next day, then they must be good." Noel is married to Meg Matthews. They also live together in London.

Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs : Rhythm Guitar
Date of Birth : 23rd June 1965
Bonehead has been a member of the band since the beginning, when they were called 'The Rain'. Bonehead has never written a song but he has sung a song called, Bonehead's Bank Holiday. can only be found on the venial version of (What's The Story) Morning Glory?. This is said to be a piss take of Blur. Noel has said that Bonehead will never do another song, at a gig or on record. Bonehead is the only band member to live in Manchester. He has recently had a son which he has called Jude.

Paul "Guigsy" McGuigan : Bass Guitar
Date of Birth : 9th May 1971
Guigsy is the only other band member, along with Bonehead who was in the band when it was called  'The Rain'. He has been with them ever since, except for a brief period in '94, when he didn't go on a tour of America due to exhaustion. Noel has said that he thinks Guigsy is a better musician than himself.. A very quite member of the group, Guigsy has never sung or written any songs.

Alan White : Drums
Date of Birth : 26th May 1972
Alan was picked by Noel to replace Tony McCarroll, Oasis' previous drummer after only 30 sec of meeting him! Alan joined the band the day before they were to play Some Might Say on Top of The Pops, he had to learn the drums for that track over night, which he did. Alan White's brother is the drummer for Paul Weller Alan is the only member not to come from Manchester, he's from London. .

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