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We're 4 guys who manage to find a few hours a week to pretend we're rock stars. We are Skank Revolution; or Skank, for short. However, we are not a ska band. While we are aware of the associations of the term with ska music, we use it in the more traditional sense (if that is possible with a slang word); that of being nasty, wanton, while at the same time, sickeningly enticing, maybe even sexy. If you live in the Lexington, Kentucky area, keep an eye on this page, we'll post any dates we play around town. If the spirit moves ya, mail us, we'd love to hear from, anybody. If you are interested in being added to a mailing list so that we can alert you when we make any updates to the page or if we decide to muster the energy to play another show, just mail us and let us know; we'd be more than happy to start a small mailing list.You can reach us at the following places:

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