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My name is ANGEL EZQUERRA and I'm Spanish (From Huesca (Aragón), in the North-East of Spain, to be exact).

After studying the 4th first years of Telecomunications Engineering in the Politechnic University of Barcelona (UPC), I've moved to Paris, were I'll finish my studies in the E.N.S.T. - Paris (Ecole Nationale des Telecoms), were I will obtain a double diplome, grace to the Socrates-Erasmus project.

Moving from Barcelona was a quite hard decission, as I had there (And I still have :-) very good friends. But I don't regret my decision, because Paris is a wonderful city, the courses are great and I've made a lot of new friends from all over the world.

As you must have already noticed, I love Mike Oldfield's music! But there are plenty of other things that I love or that interest me. One of them is Paris! What a great city! I recommend you that you come here at least once, as it's simply special.

Another thing that I love, as a good 'Telecom guy', are computers. And what I like more of computers is programming and playing Quake (I and II). Well, in fact what I prefer is to program for Quake, as this is a very good way to combine two things that I really like. If you like this kind of things (i.e. Quake), you will be interested by a Total Conversion for Quake that I've made with a team of other people (Thanks to the Internet). It's a TC based in a japanese anime, called Decisive Battle Quake, and you can find out here. By the way, my 'war name' in Quake (And in IRC too) is AngelSama (Or Amadawn, which comes from AMArok + ommaDAWN :-)

But there is not only computers in my life! I like to dance too, and go out with my friends, and take some beers, and meet new people, or simply enjoy those little pleasures that life can offer to you ;-)

Ah! And I can't forget one of my last passions, playing mus! This is a spanish card game that some friends of mine have teach me in Paris, and it's really funny, and perfect to spend the hole evening with your friends. I will never thank enough Javi, Jesús and Chemi for teaching me such a great game!

But that isn't the only new hobby I've started in France. In fact I've started learning playing the guitar and the battery, and making magic games.

But during the holidays I go to my village, called Altorricón, which is not very big (Only 1.500 inhabitants) but who want's to go to a big town when you're living in a big city like Barcelona?

There my parents live with my dear brother Jorge, which is a great soccer player (He is indisputable titular of the Junior team of the Binefar F.C.). He has been in the Aragon Selection and as you can see I'm very proud of him.

I have scanned several photos in wich I appear, and I've put some of them here, because I think that if you have arrived to this page they can interest you:

Me in front fo TB! First of all, I've done a composition with some of the covers of Mike's albums:

The next photo is one in wich I am with a friend in one of the greatest 'fiestas' of my country, similar to the 'San Fermin'. These parties are called 'San Lorenzo' and are incredible! We were in the 'Chupinazo', wich is the beginning of the parties (Of 'fiestas' as we say in Spain). There everybody dances and sings and drinks wine and throws water (And wine, and beer and champagne ;-) to the other people. As you see I was really happy when this photo was taken! :-)

San Lorenzo!
This is a photo in which I am with my friends the day we presented a robot that we did to take part in a 'Sumo-Robot-Combat-Contest'. It was a really funny experience.

I am the one that holds the robot (Called e1000i-u) in his hands, with a green shirt.

Me, my friends and our robot :-]
Studying is funny if you are with your friends! :-) This is one of my prefered photos. In it I'am with those same friends, making a break while we were studying for the final exams. I'm the one who wears the black cap. Maybe studying Telecomunications is not as hard as it seems! ;-)
And the last photo I have is one in wich I am with my dear brother Jorge. As you can see my hair was really short by the time this photo was taken! You can also see that my brother is red-haired, wich is quite unusual here in Spain. My brother is a great soccer-player

Before you come back to the main page you must know that the music you're hearing is a MIDI file composed by my friend Pedro González del Valle Rodríguez (alias Tano).

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