These are the covers of his albums, including some of his more 'official' compilations:

Title Cover Title Cover
Tubular Bells Tubular Bells LP Hergest Ridge Hergest Ridge LP
Orchestral Tubular Bells Orchestral TB LP Ommadawn Ommadawn LP
Incantations Incantations Double LP Platinum Platinum LP
Exposed Tubular Bells LP QE2 QE2 LP
Five Miles Out Five Miles Out Crises Crises LP
Discovery Discovery LP The Killing Fields TKF LP
The Complete The Complete LP Islands Islands LP
Earth Moving Earth Moving LP Amarok Amarok LP
Heavens Open Heavens Open LP Tubular Bells II Tubular Bells II LP
The Best of Elements ELEMENTS LP The Songs of Distant Earth TSODE LP
Voyager Voyager LP

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