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Hi! Let me tell you a little about myself. I am a computer technician with the Lestershire Group, and reside in southern New Jersey. In my house, you will find a small collection of pets: three ferrets named Bandit,(Bandit died on Feb.7th,2000 from complications of insulinoma) Fatbert went to the rainbow bridge(Fatbert passed on Dec.31,2000 along with Ratbert( he passed on Feb.9th,2001), please come and visit my new Memorial Page . I also have a yellow canary named Twinkie, and two newts Goo Goo and Doll. Sadly Doll was eaten by his brother Goo Goo. UPDATE!! I am now currently have two new baby ferrets added 2/24/01. There names are Dale (in memory of Dale Earnhardt) and Rusty(in honor of Rusty Wallace) Dale passed away and Rusty padded away July 4th,2007.

When I am not working and taking care of my pets, I enjoy writing poetry, reading, and listening to music, and watching NASCAR. My interest in music ranges from new age to alternative.

This page is still under construction and will be updated often. Please feel free to visit my ferret page. It has some good links and places to purchase ferret food along with other types of pet food I hope you enjoy your stay here at my home on the web. If you have any ideas or suggestions for my web page, please email me.

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