*** IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm currently not into trading, life gets tough when you
                    grow up :)
                    so I'm sorry that I can't be of any help.

Trade terms :

* Use ONLY Maxell XL-II or TDK SA cassettes
* NO dolby, NO hi-speed dubbing
* Do NOT change the order of the songs
* Include Date\Venue info & setlist with tape breaks
* I will also trade for blanks (2/1) if you have nothing to offer

My Boot List

Quality ranges from A+ (best) to D (worst)
Length is only an approximation to help you with no. of cassettes needed.

Generation Legend :

CD-M = master CD
aud-# = audio cassette, # represents generation
(dates are in US format : 11/7/95 => November 7th 1995)

Title or Date\Venue                           Quality    Generation   Length
Pearl Jam In Los Angeles [same as Five Alive]    A         CD-M
American Acoustic Tour '92 + Bonus Tracks       A/B+       CD-M          65
Precious Rarities [same as Ultra Rare Trax]      A         CD-M          70
Brixton (2CD)                                    B+        CD-M         100
Against                                          A+        CD-M          75
Steppin' Stones (2CD)                            A         CD-M         145
Chapters (2CD)                                   A         CD-M         152
New Songs III                                    A         aud-1         80
Deep Through The Years                          A/B        aud-1        232
From Then Til Now                                B         aud-2         75
Vitalogy Demos                                   B+        aud-3         60
Construction '95 (Self-Pollution+MTV Unplugged) A/A+       aud-1         70
7/11/95 Soldier Field, Chicago, IL               A         aud-2        155
10/1/94 & 10/2/94 Bridge School Benefit          B         aud-2         80
11/1/95 Delta Center, Salt Lake City, UT         B         aud-2        125
11/4/95 Spartan Stadium, San Jose, CA            B+        aud-3        140
11/7/95 Sports Arena, San Diego, CA              B         aud-3        140

Dissident, Live in Atlanta (EPIC 3CD set)        A         CD-M
"Go" Single (includes Alone)                     A+        CD-M
TEN - European version with 3 bonus tracks       A+        CD-M          70
Temple Of The Dog - Temple Of The Dog            A+        CD-M
Mother Love Bone - Mother Love Bone              A+        CD-M
Side Tracks  (compilation)                       A         aud-M         90

Side Tracks - setlist :
Side A                                    Side B
======                                    ======
1. SNL Intro/What?                        1. Crazy Mary (w/ Victoria W.)
2. Believe You Me (Bad Radio demo)        2. Better Man
3. Just A Girl (Mookie Blaylock demo)     3. Wash (acoustic)
4. The Kids Are Alright                   4. Corduroy (acoustic)
5. Sonic Reducer (studio)                 5. Not For You (acoustic)
6. Dock Of The Bay                        6. Footsteps (Jeremy B-side)
7. Not For You (SNL)                      7. Yellow Ledbetter (Jeremy B-side)
8. Daughter/American Pie (SNL)            8. Even Flow ("Tampax" version)
9. Rearviewmirror (SNL)                   9. Dollar Short (Gossard demo)
10. Alone (unreleased outtake)
11. Bee Girl

    Source: geocities.com/sunsetstrip/towers/4909

               ( geocities.com/sunsetstrip/towers)                   ( geocities.com/sunsetstrip)