What is the FAQ about?  

So, what is a DJ? 

Different Kinds of DJs 


I want to learn how to DJ, what should I do?  

CD or Vinyl? 

- Mixers 
-CD Players
 CD Player Care 
 - Protecting your CDs 

 - Record Cleaners 
 - Needle and Tonearm Set-up 

Mixtape production 



Steve Rothkin's DJ Info  

Hearing Damage & DJs 


Legal Junk/About Steve Shah

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Topics discussed: 
        o What is the FAQ About? 
        o So, What is a DJ? 
        o What are the Different Kinds of DJs? 
        o Terminology 
        o "I want to learn how to DJ. What should I do?" 
        o CD or Vinyl? 
        o Equipment 
                o Mixers 
                o CD Players 
                        - CD Player Care 
                        - Protecting your CDs 
                o Turntables 
                        - Record Cleaners 
                        - Needle and tonearm setup 
        o Mixtape Production 
        o Contracts 
        o Netiquette 
        o Steve Rothkin's DJ Info 
        o Hearing Damage and DJs 
        o Weddings 
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