What is JavaScript?

JAVASCRIPT is the new programming language from Netcape Communications and Sun Microsystems. This new language is actually a scripting language, as the name implies, which allows truly interactive applications to be constructed. The biggest advantage of JavaScript is that it can be written directly within a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file. Then once the HTML file is downloaded by the browser client, the JavaScript mini-application is executed by the client. Scripting languages also can be run from server-side with use of active servers, such as Netscape's Live Wire or Microsoft IIS Active Server.

JavaScript is itself a subset of the C++ programming language. The Java programming language, however, requires a compiler on the server to transform text into machine langugae code. Java, while platform independent at run-time, can only be developed on Win32 and some UNIX platforms at this time, because Java requires a compiler and these have only been developed for the platforms listed. JavaScript, on the other hand, is truly platform-independent and is interpreted by various World Wide Web browsers.

JavaScript is an object-based scripting language with many built-in functions to facilitate rapid mini-app development. These charactersitics make JavaScript ideal for knowledgeable Web Authors who are not seasoned programmers (like me, duh!). Mouse clicks and user events are also pre-defined.

I have here a very basic & simple example of a JavaScript. This example shows how I made the main page, as you would have seen there, when you point your mouse over the link, the graphics change it's color. Please take note that all scripting codes must be placed between tags and JavaScript is case-sensitive. Feel freee to use this codes .Your gif.files & html should go right in the italized letters that says your image or your.htm. And also don't forget to put a numeric value when you name your gif files. In my example, I used 001 and 002. E-mail me for any questions/comments.

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