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Making your Man love you alone..and you alone...  
Love and betrayal are two of life's greatest teachers. The former teaches you how much you can give for another person and the latter how much you should keep for yourself. Once you enter a relationship, there is always the fear that your lover might just one day betray you. The joy of love is as big as the pain of betrayal. So, you brace yourself for the possibility that he might grow tired of you, turn his attentions to another woman and leave you. These fears are compounded by the burden of making your man constantly in love with you. JUST HOW DO YOU MAKE A MAN FOREVER PINE FOR YOU? HOW DO YOU MAKE A MAN ETERNALLY DRUNK WITH YOUR LOVE? HOW DO YOU MAKE A MAN HEADY WITH ALL VISIONS OF YOU, THAT HE WILL NOT DARE LOOK AT ANOTHER WOMAN? These are concerns that had long tormented women from Eve to Cleopatra and Princess Diana. Concerns in which women throughout the centuries have shaved their legs and eyebrows, concocted love potions and undergone liposuctions and facial lifts. However, there is really no number one solution to this age-old mystery. Psychologists and experts have pointed-out ideas, which when all added-up, might just help keep your man for another century. Here they are : 
1. Know the needs of your man's ego.
Any person is in need of understanding from others, but your man expects more from you because you are his partner in life. You bear the responsibility to continually nourish his ego, as it is hungry for intimacy, power and achievement. If you want your man to be loyal to you, you must do the giving first. Nourish his ego on a simple everyday basis. Serve him. Make him feel that his "love is king".
2. Feed the man's damn ego!
This should be a conscious, deliberate effort of pleasing your man in every aspect of his life. The best way to do this is to simply listen to him. When a man let his guard down and speaks to you, let him know that what he's saying is important and that he has something significant to offer. He will surely feel better with himself and consequently, with you. As one lady author once said, "the first rule of dealing with men is to remember that anything that happens to them is important." So, when he starts talking, your ears should be sensitive radars able to pick up every bit of information about him. It doesn't matter if he's boasting about his score in playing darts or complaining about his work. Just listen.
3. Empathize with him.
Empathy is "the capacity to participate in another person's feelings or ideas, the ability to vividly conceive what hte other person is loving, hating, fearing, anxious about and comfortable with.".
If you can imagine how he thinks and feels, then you can see more clearly what his specific needs are and anticipate his moves and reactions. As his better behalf, you should be able to see the world from his point of view.
4. Observe him.
One way of becoming sensitive to your mate's need is by meticulously observing him. Take note of the nuances and quirks of his character. Men are notorious for not communicating their feelings, so, you should be alert to what he is not saying. Ask yourself how well you know him. What are his mannerisms? Do you know when he's depressed? When he taps his foot, is it because he's bothered or excited? when he's quiet, do you know, what he's thinking of? You're beside him watching tv and there's Victoria Secret commercial, do you know what's running through his mind?
5. Express your love for him.
Recognize the great divide that differentiates a man from a woman when it comes to love and affection. For a man, his masculinity is fulfilled through sex. While women fel their feminity is enhanced when she is loved.

Open your mind and adjust yourself to the needs of your man's body. Find out what he likes, hwen, where and how. Let him know that sex is also important to you. And show him that you enjoy his love. Men, for all their bravado and earnest display of machismo, can all be such big babies at times. to fully understand him, love him, and keep him. Remember this advice from psychologist Dr. John Baer Train : "A woman must recognize that her mate is part boy, part adolescent, part man. The boy in him wants to know that she cares for him and his well-being. The adolescent part wants to know that he is the object of her whole sexuality. The mature man wants to know that she's proud of him, approves of him. In essence, it's a continous nurturing process throughout life." 

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