(Not everyone gets the joke)

Option Magazine

Yet another band exploring the territory between Jawbox,Girls Against Baoys and Bleach-era Nirvana.Trouble is,this once-uncharted region is now a crowded metropolis with bands on every corner.Sigh.For what they do,DSK isn't bad; the band is loud,rough,resilient,occasionally catchy and periodically scary.Tracks like"cementhead","Targets" and "Superhero" all crunch along agreeably,and the band's perfectly competent at crafting rumbly bass hooks,piercing guitar trills and crashing indie-style discord.The vocalist has the extended one-note scream ("yeaaaaaaaa-aahh!")down perfectly.Yet for everything DSK gets right,there's such a formulatic air behind EXPLODER! that you have to wonder just how authentic their angst really is.More soul-searching next time,boys.
-Lisa Gidley,Options Magzine,March 1997

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