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This is a page dedicated to all of my friends whom have made my life something to remember. The group consists of the following people and their description compliments their name. Anything written in bright red is either a sound or an image. This really has no point but to use for entertainment. You can E-Mail anyone to tell them what you think. Have a nice day. :)


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Mike Vanderbilt

Mike In Awe


Standing By County Fair

Riding Shopping Cart

Smiling at Something

Looking Doped Up

Sound: Brian is a f**king retard!

Sound: Brian's gay!

Sound: Brian is an idiot

Sound: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Sound: Dan still is fat!

Sound: Who is Howard Chuick?

Sound: Nick Chuick's fat!

Sound: What Dan Lynch is known as

Sound: Nobody is perfect

Employer: The Beverly Bean Co.

'98, Marist High School - Chicago, IL

First one in group to have license.

Best social person in group.


Nick Chuick

Tribute To Sag Home Page

Employer: County Fair Food - Chicago, IL

Job - Stock/Bag Boy

'98, Marist High School, Chicago, IL

Second person in group to have license.

Slow..but has his momets.

Dan Lynch

Does Not Own A Computer

Happily pushing a shopping cart

Pushing a cart again

Freshman ID Picture

Sophomore ID Picture

Junior ID Picture

License Photo

Burned out at my house

Employer: County Fair Food - Chicago, IL

Job: Deli "Girl" Worker, Occasional Stocker

'98, Marist High School - Chicago, IL

Had license second but his grandpa, Orlando, won't let him use the Subaru or even the Buick so we say he doesn't drive

People call him "Mess." Subscribes to Playboy behind his grandpa's back.

Mike Lester

Sound: He's Gay!.WAV

Employer: Doesn't have a job

'98, Marist High School - Chicago, IL

Doesn't have license at all and isn't even in a driver education course.



Mike Vanderbilt with me at his house

Miker Vanderbilt with Dan Lynch at my house

Mike Vanderbilt with Dan Lynch in County Fair's parking lott

Mike Vanderbilt with Mike Lester and me by The Escort

Mike Vanderbilt with me by The Escort

Mike Vanderbilt, Dan Lynch and I in "Crazyfellas"