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Welcome to the only fansite devoted to entertainer Taco Ockerse and his one American hit song, "Puttin' On The Ritz."

For those of interested in purchasing Taco recordings, only Greatest Hits import CDs are available commercially. You can find them at most Internet music stores (i.e. Amazon, CD Universe, etc.), and you can find those in the Links section of this site. Otherwise, search your local used record and tape stores, or thrift shops, for the "After Eight" and "Let's Face the Music" albums.

    RECENT UPDATES - January 24th, 2005:
  • NEW! Taco.us domain and web site now on-line! Hopefully soon it can go from "semi-official" to OFFICIAL. Just have to track down "The Man"...
  • Taco's former official site http://www.taco-online.de/us-version/ is still down.
  • If you have any info whatsoever concerning Taco, send it to me at jimsustacek@hotmail.com. Thanks to everyone who has written me! Don't be ashamed that you came here.

    Last updated January 24th, 2005.

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