These are all comics I have made throughout the years, most I haven't continued but now I'm in a project I plan on continuing. It'll come soon.

Minty - 2003 - A computer drawn comic on two extremelly odd characters. I think they're odd.

Adam And Ella - 2002 - A guy and a girl that work in a tattoo and piercing parlour.

Countess Olivia Sez - 2001 - My alter ego. I had fun with this comic but it bored me.

Stew Pot - 2000 - I have some awesome writing done for this project so my new project is the continuation of Stew Pot, the jokes are there... the storyline and characters are different. I don't like the comic I put up for this one because it doesn't reflect the jokes I had written for later strips. If you can't read it don't worry, not worth it.

more to come

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