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Every thing below here is very outdated.
Maybe I will get around to updating this year!
Her is the newest thing I am doing ---> Weblog

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This is just one site out of billions on "The Web". I made this one, and as you can see from above, my name is Chris. What do I do? I play the bass guitar and design websites. Well that just about sums up my life right now. Actually, if you are interested, there is more about me on the About page.

I have played the bass for 15 years now. I thoroughly enjoy playing. Well, I guess to put it another way...


And to help out any bassist looking to learn some tunes, I have 2364 bass tabs right on this site. Just go to the tabs page. I plan to start writing an article that I will update weekly on playing the bass. Please bookmark, and check back. I just need some time to get this site in order first.

Sell my stock in Microshaft and invest in Red Hat Linux
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Who the hell am I?
Name: Christopher J Reynolds
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