The Following Bands Are Not Punk

Don't Argue, We're Right And You Never Are

Blanks 77, Stitches, Boris The Sprinkler, Queers, Screeching Weasel, Business, Grimple, Pennywise, Snotboy 77, Weston, Swinging Utters, Schleprock, Humpers, Smugglers, Groovie Ghoulies, 88 Fingers Louie, Doom, Destroy, Digger, Destroy 13, Earth Crisis, Green Rage, Bollweevils, Parasites, Das Klown, Zoinks!, Freeze, Battalion of the Saints, Slaughter & the Dogs, Beatnik Termites, Pink Lincolns, NOFX, Snuff, Roswells, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Sloppy Seconds, Citizen Fish, Rancid, Riverdales, Invalids, Furious George, Jughead's Revenge, Pist, Squirtgun, Poison Idea, U.S. Bombs, Dread, Civ, Vindictives, Apocalypse Hoboken, Zeros, Civil Disobediance, Quincy Punx, Teengenerate, Disel Boy, Spazz, Snapcase, Endpoint, Showcase Showdown, Chelsea, Casulties, Crucifux, Hi Fives, Sicko, Sinkhole, Ten Foot Pole, Deface, Spent Idols, Lagwagon, Scared of Chacka, Less Than Jake, Any old punk band that has reformed and/or toured recently, Whitecaps, Gus, GBH (charged or otherwise), Sex Offenders, Good Riddence, Wizo, Moral Crux, Charles Bronson, Assrash, Statistics, DFL, FOL, SNFU, RKL, FYP, Steve McQueens, Strung Out, Whatever, Nimrods, CandySnatchers, Aus Rotton, Slacker, Scoooby Don't, Youth Brigade, Teen Idols, Suckerpunch, Phantom Surfers, Scuz Monkey, Snotrockets, Down By Law, Aggrivators, Dead Silence, Integrity, Schlong, Bouncing Souls, High Standard, Bracket, Horace Pinker, Agnostic Front, Fear, Varukers, Pansy Division, Ringworm, Infest, Man Is the Bastard AKA Charred Remains, Rudimentary Peni, Screw 32, UK Subs, Chaos UK, Total Chaos, UK DK, Submachine, Goops, Guttermouth, Gits, Face to Face, No Use For A Name, Tiltweel, Sludgeworth, Black Fork, Anti Flag, Germs, Skrewdriver, Muffs, SOA, SDD, Gorilla Biscuts, TSOL, Drop Dead, AFI, Youth of Today, Halfmast, Strife, Strike, Sidekick Kato, Blitz, One Life Crew, Bleed, Toast, Mankind?, Torn Apart, Confront, Mandingo, Droids, TKO's, Adolescents, Exploited, Lifetime, Naked Aggression, Thug, John Couger Concentration Camp, Krupted Peasent Farmers, After School Special, Tilt, 108, Action Patrol, Badger, Avail, Ascension, Assfactor 4, Mass Kontrol, Bloodlet, Crumbs, Boywonder, Wynonnia Riders, Adicts, Chisel, Connie Dungs, dead silence, Slug Feast, Econo Christ, DownCast, Doghnuts, Doc Hopper, Judge, Excuse 17, I Spy, Heroine, Face Value, XsteadfastX, The Peechees, The Makers, Lynards Innards, Chain of Strenth, Choke Hold, Sam I Am, Shelter, The Gain, Prema, The Pathetics, Split Lip, Statistics, The Motards, Polics Bastard, warzone, Dag Nasty, Nothing But Puke, The Screamers, The Victims, Head, Gun-n-wankers, Spit Boy, The Socials, Social Resistance, Slip, All Day, The Chubbies, Falling Sickness, The Gargoyles, Mustard Plug, The Fanatics, Misery, Slap Shot, D.I., the Vandals, Sick of It All, Gas Huffer, The Fumes, The Ricketts, The Vibrators, Ice Burn, Buzz Oven, The Oblivions, Jack-o-Fire, Seven Year Bitch, Tit Wrenc , Catharthis, Gomez, The Tards, The Neighbors, Larry Brrrds, The Red Ants, Guilt, The Dils, Fabric, The Mormons, A.P.P.L.E.S., The Victims of the System, Victem's Family, Forlorn, Dryfus, Clawhammer, Blindfold, Deisel Queens, Siren, PinHead Gunpowder, Man Or Astroman?, Slant 6, Filth, AND MANY MANY MORE.


The Following Bands Are Punk

Half Japanese, Red Crayola, Pastels, Dead Kennadys, Fugazi, Rocket From The Crypt, Replacements, Ramones, Richard Hell & The Voidoids, Fall, Softies, Halo Benders, Beat Happening, 13 Floor Elevators, Mountain Goats, Bill Haley & The Comets, Modern Lovers, Velvet Underground, Branch Manager, Stooges, Leaving Trains, Kicking Giant, John Coltrane, Daniel Johnson, Husker Du, Minute Men, Born Against, Bananas, Xenakis, John Cage, GodHeadSilo, Hasil Atkins, Legendary Strdust Cowboy, Shaggs, Shockabilly, Bevis Frond, Can, Crash Worship, Delta 74, Dub Narcotic S.S., Negativland, Leadbelly, N.W.A., Wu-Tang Clan, Residents, Weird Paul, Velvet Monkeys, Junk Monkeys, Jandek, Electric Eels, Mirrors, Pere Ubu, Neu!, Fugs, Gods, Holy Modal Rounders, Tom Waits, Pussy Galore, X-Ray Specs, Manimals, Public Enemy, Monorchid, LaMonte Young, B-52's 1st LP, Smiths, Suicide, Dead Milkmen, Miles Davis, El Vez, MC5, NoMeansNo, Lil' Bunnies, Sun City Girls, Pouges, Fred Lane, Prehensile Monkey-Tailed Skink, Devo, God Is My Co-Pilot, Unwound, Television, Lungfish, Carl Perkins, Nation of Ulysses, Pink Floyd's First LP (ONLY), Chrome, Weird Al Yankovic's First LP, Big Black, Old Skull, Clash, Operation Ivy, Throbbing Gristle, etc., etc., etc.


The clothes do not make the man.

Fuck You.