Here is a collection of interviews and reviews taken from metal / music-magazines from all over the world, all about Metallica!


MetalHammer, issue 46, January 1998
and a gig-review
Lars talks about the band's live nature and the 'Reading' performance. The magazine also includes a Gig-review (Ministry Of Sound, London).
MetalHammer, issue 47, February 1998 (Part 1) and Part 2 Jason talks about his position in Metallica. (2 Parts)
Guitar World, Dec 1998 (Part 1)
Guitar World, Dec 1998 (Part 2)
James and Kirk talking about 'Garage Inc.' and covering songs and the history of Metallica and James talking about the writing of lyrics. (Large Metallica interview!!)
MetalHammer, issue 57, December 1998 and a CD review of 'Garage Inc.' Kirk and Lars talking about 'Garage Inc.' and the next album project. With a lot of Metallifacts. The magazine also includes a CD review of 'Garage Inc.'.
Hit Parader, January 1999, number 412 James, Lars, Kirk and Jason talking about the creation of the Garage Inc. album.
MetalHammer, issue 58, January 1999 and a short video 'Cunning Stunts' review and a Sepultura chat about Jason Get in the jet, James Hetfield tells stories and more... (Facts and funny stories!!). Also a short video 'Cunning Stunts' review, with a piece of a Seputura chat about Jasons appearance on 'Against'.
MetalHammer, issue 60, March 1999 News about summershows and a suit against 'Victoria's Secret'. Plus the 1998 Readers' Poll Results.
Hit Parader, April 1999, number 415 About the Garage Inc. album (Lars) and garage news.
Dynamo Open Air 1999 promotion (May 23rd 1999) Dynamo Open Air info and an advertisement with Jason.
Hit Parader, May 1999, number 416 Metallica "turning the page", about the Garage Inc. shows and a lot of history and facts. And a Garage Inc. CD review.
MetalHammer, issue 63, June 1999 Report of Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra at the Berkeley Community Theatre, California.
Rock sound Issue 4, July 1999 Song review of Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra at the Berkeley Community Theatre, California. And news about trail Victoria's Secret.
Guitar, August 1999 (Part 1) and (Part 2) and S&M interview and Guitar stuff BIG interview with Kirk Hammett (Guitarist of the year): how he started playing guitar and a lot of guitar tips. Also a interview with James Hetfield about the S&M concert. To make everything complete (Guitar stuff):  Hammett's guitars and tools, the Guitar readers' poll 1998 and Hammett's favorite Metallica solos.
Guitar World, August 1999 Michael Kamen and Jeremy Constant (the Symphony’s first violinist and Concertmaster) talk about the S&M project with Metallica.  
Total guitar, Autumn 1999, Issue 61 (Part 1) and (Part 2) and extra coverage James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett talks about starting out, life in the band and where they can possibly go next. Also coverage of Metallica's Big Day Out at the Milton Keynes Bowl, S&M and the song Nothing Else Matters!
Rolling Stone, September 30, 1999 About touring and the Snakepit. 
Hit Parader, December 1999, number 423 A look back in time, how Metallica got their status.
Rolling Stone, December 30, 1999 A short word from Lars Ulrich.
Rock sound Issue 9, December 1999 'S&M' review.
Hit Parader, Januari 2000, number 424 Metallica's rock history, how they make their own music (Lars Ulrich). Also includes "The top 100 hard rock stars of all-time" and "The top 100 hard rock CD’s of all-time".
MetalHammer, issue 70, January 2000 A review of the 'S&M' album. The ‘Master of Puppets’ story, as told by Kirk Hammett.
MetalHammer, issue 71, February 2000 and Hit The Lights Big interview with Kirk Hammett a day after Metallica played with the Berliner Symphoniker at the Berlin Velodrom. Also a report of the concert in Hit The Lights.
Playboy, April 2001 This large interview of all members of Metallica gives a good view of the band before the departure of Jason Newsted. The band is very frustrated at this point.
Guitar Legends 2001 Guitar World presents Guitar Legends; James and Kirk are in the list of Lords of Hard Rock.  
MetalHammer, issue 109, January 2003 The inside scoop on 03's biggest album from Lars Ulrich. Also news about the Ramones tribute.



Hitkrant, no.18, 4 mei 1991 Lars explains why they have chosen Bob Rock to produce the 'Black album'.
Hitkrant, no.35, 31 augustus 1991 Metallica don't go on tour with a tourbus (James)
Hitkrant, no.3, 18 januari 1992 Lars talks about his previous tenniscareer.
25 jaar Oor (1971-1996) Deel 1
25 jaar Oor (1971-1996) Deel 2
met CD-rom
Lars Ulrich looks back (with Oor who exists 25 years, 1971-1996) at the early days of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. He gives a extensive history of his metal roots. This magazine also includes a CD-rom about the different styles of music that exist.
Free, juni 1996 Release 'Load' with a short history.
HUMO, 11 november 1997 Large interview with James and Jason at Pukkelpop (Holland)! Facts, news and a lot of personal stories.
Oor, nr. 23, 15 november 1997 Release 'Reload', interview at The Plant. Specially about... art. (Lars)
Aardschok, nr.12, december 1997, 18e jaargang A preview of the 'Reload' album with a song review. (James)
Watt, februari 1998 About 'Reload' done by a huge Cliff Burton fan!?
Hitkrant, 21 maart 1998 Just a timeline... to refresh the memory.
Oor, nr. 24, 28 november 1998 Lars talks about 'Garage Inc.'
Aardschok, nr.12, december 1998, 19e jaargang Everything about 'Garage Inc.', video and films. (Kirk and Lars)
Nieuwe REVU nr.50, 2-9 december 1998 First a short history of Metallica, followed by an interview with Lars about 'Garage Inc.'
Rock sound, nr.4, december 1998 / Jananuari 1999
en een CD recensie van 'Garage Inc.'
James talks about 'Garage Inc.', and everything besides it. The magazine also includes a CD review of 'Garage Inc.'
Samsonic, jaargang 2, nr. 1, januari 1999 'Garage Inc.' review.
Oor, Live 99 special. Behorend bij Oor, nr. 9, 1 mei 1999 Festival special, Metallica plays at Dynamo Open Air.
Rock sound festival special, mei 1999 A strange story about the making of the 'Garage Inc.' album.
MindView, nº 61, Augustus/September 1999 Information about Metallica playing at Rock Werchter 1999.
Aardschok, nr.12, december 1999, 20e jaargang Big interview with Kirk Hammett about the S&M album. A lot of facts about the making of the album.
Gitarist, Nr. 1, januari 2000 Jason Newsted does an interview with Bryan Adams by phone. About playing bass. Also a review of the 'S&M' album.
Aardschok, nr.1, januari 2000, 21e jaargang Concert review of Metallica with the Berliner Symphoniker (19, November 1999 at Velodrom, Berlin)
Veronica, donderdag 10 februari 2000 Short text about the TVstation TMF: Metallica night.
Veronica, Nr 19, 6 t/m 12 mei 2000 Report about the lawsuit against Napster and several schools.
InterMediair, 1 juni 2000, 36e jaargang Short text about Napster.
Veronica, Nr 6, 10 t/m 16 februari 2001 Jason Newsted is leaving Metallica. 
Veronica, Nr 52, 29 december 2001 t/m 4 januari 2002 James finished rehabilitation.
Veronica, Nr 7, 16 t/m 22 februari 2002 James becomes a father (again): Marcella Francesca Hetfield. 
Fields of Rock 15 juni 2003 Small official festival booklet of Fields Of Rock at Goffertpark, Nijmegen.
Rock Werchter 28 juni 2003 Small official festival booklet of Rock Werchter 2003
Rock Werchter 2 juli 2004 Small official festival booklet of Rock Werchter 2004 
Woamm (What's On A Man's Mind) februari 2005 Review about "Some Kind of Monster" (update)



RockHard, 12/97, 15 Jahrgang Lars talks about Reload, and how this record was made. His vision on "Heavy Metal".



Hard Force, Nº48, Aout 1999 Interview with Kirk about the history of metal. Questions are asked about his view on the 50's till the 90's.