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The Official or not so official

Comin' at ya like a bloody tampon.
Killing your envy of the penis.
Makin' sweet love to your big fat mothers.
More hardcore than your crackhead grandma who masturbates with toothpicks.

Stained Pajamas was an experimental band hell bent upon annoying the world and maybe teaching it something in the process. Banned from parks and various places we have received new levels of attention in the past years. It is hopeful that through pissing off the world that we can destroy all forms hate and make them turn all their ignorance toward us, because we are the world, we are the children, we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving.

Coming Soon: Things you don't really care about because you are out shopping For trendy clothes in a trendy malls as your brothers and sisters are starving on the corners with their brown paper bags filled with happy juice that they bought with the change that some nice people gave them. No no please go on with your happy lifes, theres nothing to see here, as we waste away filling our bodys with poisons to keep ourselves content with who we are. All that matters is that I'm happy and even if I wasn't I wouldn't tell you.

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