Hello, This page is a dedication to Republica!! One of the greatest British bands around today!! They are known mostly for their songs Ready To Go and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Both songs are excellent!!! Their music is doing great in today's society. They should be known more, with lots of other British bands. Examples are: Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Lush, Phish, and many others!!! I feel they should be known more, for everyone should get a taste of this wonderful Alternative/Techno/Dance/Pop music. Here is a list of the members in Republica and what they play:
Saffron- Vocals
Tim Dorney- Keyboard
Johnny Male- Guitar
Pete Riley- Drums
All there really is to say is they're just a great band!! I hope they come out with more great music that has great songs such as Ready To Go. I hope they have more tours too. If they come to your town, go check out the concert. From all I've heard, it's safe to say, you will be extremely satisfied!!! Check out their new album, as it comes available, Speed Ballads. Also, as a note, Republica performed on Mtv's Fashionably Loud on February 3, 1997. Other bands that performed included Tricky and Prodigy. Here's a picture:

They also played at Jamboree '97 on May 25, 1997. If you haven't seen any of their videos, then here are some pictures from 2 of their videos: From Ready To Go:
Here's one from Drop Dead Gorgeous:
To see multiple moving pictures from their video Ready To Go, go to RTV. To download a video or song, go to: The Republica Center: Videos/Sounds. Enjoy!!!

The Speed Ballads CD has still not been released in the US so just to let you know if you want it now, you must import it for about $30, But if you can wait it might be released in the US soon!

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