Me. This is most of it. Enjoy!
Steph Kerr, Me and Mikey G on the last night of camp 2001.  The last night ever for the three of us. It was great. I love these two.
And apparently I'm truly Canadian... whaddaya think?
A little bit about me:
(of course, if you've come here, you probably know most of this stuff.)
Me: I'm Dave. Dave Moon. Most people at my school call me shortsboy, because of my tendency to not wear pants to school until my birthday. My birthday's the 19th of January, so shorts in the winter seens to be a weird thing. Go figure. I'm 19 now. And all the phonecalls I ever get now are friends me asking to pick up for them. Punks.

My life: Sports, Tech stuff and music. Sooo much music. I play guitar, sax, bass and piano. I'm in a couple of bands, but my best stuff is my solo guitar stuff with (my main band- link below) I like emo, punk, hardcore, metal and jazz. Mostly emo though. I'm kinda an emokid now. I like any music with live instruments and emotion. Volume doesn't hurt though.

I snowboard all winter, and I do a bunch of sports in the summer. I'm a sailing guy at my camp. I also kayak, canoe and rock climb. I teach swimming lessons and I lifeguard too.

And then there's Camp. I love camp. YMCA Wanakita to be exact. This summer, I was paid to drive a motor boat, rescue women in bikinis in distress, race one of my closest camp friends every chance we got in our motor boats, beat up our kids and meet women. I love my job. My job is better than your job. I also get to live with my friends. Did I mention we have naked time at camp?
To check out the bands I like .... my miscelaneous fun page pictures... yay fun.
my band's page. check it out... it's fun.
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