BULLDOZER (ITA) says "We're Fucking Italians"!

Welcome to my Funeral...        -XXX-      &nnbsp;     -XXX-           -XXX-

This is my state of mind... Between the four walls of the enclave, a vault that had been a bedroom now permeates with the staleness of my sweat, which reek of putrefaction. The background noises have now grown deeply etched into the darkest recesses of my subconscious, and it remains to torment me with sleepless nights, rewind and reprise, reprise and rewind... I'd beg to stop. Rings echo in my eardrums, for whom the bell tolls. I gave the plastic smile, ready to deceive my conscience and the hungry growlings of my stomach once again. But no, I daresay I'm very much sober and I have a list of excuses to dispute your scorn. The liquor bottle has been empty for quite some time at least.

POISON (GER) blowing a kiss to Jesus Christ!

The noise? What NOISE?!!! It's fodder (drug) for my damaged cerebral cortex, NOT!!! So what was I doing for more than a decade of my life like you asked? No, I know... "What have you done for more than a decade of your life?" Stop it, this is wicked man, wicked! I shivered, at such assertive reply and sudden sad remorse gripped me, that obliged me to grab a mirror.

I looked hard into the ugly visage of a hideous, undead creature that I'd very much abhored in my childhood days.Such wretchedness and delusion are painted on the hardened outlines of its face and yet it came up with a most disturbing grimace that tried too hard for self-assurance. And those vacant eyes, god dammit. Yes, what kind of creature are you? Inverted son-of-a-bitch... Suddenly something pat me on the shoulders and elevated my lows with that whiff of Nepenthe that I almost envisioned angels.. yes I believe in them. But this is a Nazarene with epicanthic folds; I became the damned hedonist once again. I became emotionless as I stared down at my shoes for eight long hours, since my hypothalamus began to fail. "Are you morbid?" asked the plastic smile. "No, fuck off."

Dedicated to James Chai (heavy metal hunter) ...we're CURSED.

For the few undeads, you've found asylum in the foul dens of NECROMANSY...

NECROVORE (USA) in defence position from the penalty kick!

I Know I'm Disgusting...        -XXX-      &nnbsp;     -XXX-           -XXX-

NECROMANSY is a website where I review metal (or related) music from my rather dated collections and also doing some write-ups of its kind. My main purpose is to share my opinions on the different kinds of metal music I listen to, with like-minded individuals who happen to share my similar bad tastes and unhealthy interests for morbid and dirty metal trashes. It is an attempt to put a black, cancerous dot onto the underbelly of the world wide web; to be one of the few websites that actually focus on the darker and ugly side of heavy metal music, while not pigeon-holing into particular genres, NECROMANSY functions in tapping the very ethos and spirits of metal antiquity and certain obscurity of much forgotten and forsaken oblivion, all for the sake of my great passion with this accursed music form. NECROMANSY aims to be the information resource of "morbid metal" for that matter.

COVA (BRA) prepares to take aim and pee into the giant communal toilet!

This is the final incarnation of the website, since it's by far the most satisfactory work that I've done on the internet. The few of you might remember how I made my clumsy start since '97 with THE DARK OBLIVION, and subsequently onto NECROMANSY in '99, having survived two hard-disk crashes which made it quite a feat for this afflicted creation to be breathing. Throughout those periods, I was inspired by several metal websites that really put back my faith to the internet metal community. Some are even inspirational, like this METALEROS website, a thorough hardwork put into coverage of South American Metal. It's the driving force for that extra efforts put into the Singapore Metal scene report. Also, a site like METAL TREASURES really interests any collectors like me. It provides extensive details on some of the weirdest, rarest of heavy metal music. This provides the basis for that "collector" theme behind NECROMANSY as you'll come to know later when you look at some of the ridiculous titles I put up for reviews.

NECROMANSY is a non-political, quasi-evil (=non-religious) website that supports free speeches on the internet. There could be a chance that somebody will disagree with the contents and by any mean please do leave the site or if you're opinionated, you can write an email to me. But if you think Bulldozer is godz, inverting crosses is a good idea or simply would just like to know what the hell is that Flames of Hell LP, you've come to the right place!

The Last and the Least...    -69-      &nbbsp; -69-        -69-

NECROMANSY is the fourth track from Bathory's debut LP. I felt that this is the most evil song ever so I used it for this website.

I am from the sunny tropical island of Singapore and consider myself as an obsessive collector and enthusiastic musician to this date. I dig heavy metal/rock music since eons back with a regular staple of Metallica, W.A.S.P. (hence Vasp... hehehe) and the gods IRON MAIDEN (!!!), but was first exposed to "extreme" metal back in '90 when I heard cassette tapes like the Morbid Angel and Obituary stuffs from bad peer influences in secondary school. I've become a convert to extreme metal ever since. When I discovered the Samael cassette tape from my neighbourhood music shop somewhere in Marsiling, I became dedicated to the dark side of metal, drawn to its blackness and THAT thing called "underground" (you can tell from the way I'm still obsessed with satanic images and pictures!). I also jammed with "satanic" bands like Synled and Demonos before doing my own music like Prophesy,etc. From that very day I changed to collecting vinyls and CDs after my tapes turned to filmsy mess of fungus, my financial status became a perpetual turmoil and I'm right on my way to perdition.

My MOST favourite band ever (if I'm only allowed to choose one) is MESSIAH! Yes, I believe that everything good in extreme metal is found in this excellent band and I'm attracted to its hyperbolic religious concept and crazy context which is lacking in many extreme metal bands of any time! Also, in both my busy times and spare times, I need plenty of metal to sooth my soul, and one way to get that is through plenty of trading. For a collector trash like me, trading is one of the few meanings in my life so please do send a tradelist over and get the action started!

Any queries, suggestions and even criticisms can be directed to this email:, but do enjoy the feast of the foul while you can! No glot, c'lom Fliday.

Rick "Vasp" The Dead Goat

(Anno 2003, a beautiful year)