UT2K4 ONSLAUGHT - Temporary Info page

Cybertron -=Clan Decepticons=- <---server

Lamar -
Scarecrow - Banzaitron
cosmicjim - Soundwave
Azulez - Negrotron3000
Goku - Starscream
Eitan - Galvatron
Beatle - Ransack
Entropy - Skywarp
Tell me in IRC if you need to be added to list or need to be removed. And tell me your decepticon name.
I(cj) can also be reached at jtaylor1605@pclnet.net

Need one good practice, then jump right into a scrimmage. If the scrimmage goes well we jump right into a ladder. PLEASE TELL ME IN IRC THE BEST NIGHTS FOR YOU TO PLAY.
http://www.teamwarfare.com/viewladder.asp?ladder=Unreal+Tournament+2004+Onslaught+6v6 Here is the most official looking and largest ladder. A ladder would be great to start on and be more lenient with scheduling than a league. We can do both if we want.

If anyone wants to make a real page, be my guest. I'm just trying to keep us moving forward.