Ok, every month from now on, there will be a new contest. Each one will be up for a month, and the first person with all correct answers will win. (If nobody answers every question right, the person with the most correct answers will win) Since I can't think of a good prize right now, the winner will get to design a page on this site for a month. Good Luck!

What is Robby's middle name?

What was the first single released from A Boy Named Goo?

Name one of the songs they played at MTV's 2Large New Year's Eve party

In what year did their First Release CD come out?

What is the name of the band Johnny was in with Robby's cousin Paul?

"We Are The Normal" was co-written by John and who?

Johnny wanted "Hate This Place" to sound like a song from what band?

What instrument did John's mother play?

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