Goo Quotes

"I, like Madonna, must reinvent myself with each new album!"
       -Johnny, on why he changes his hair all the time.

"You don't like my music...Fuck off"

"Guys in college are just horny scumbags."
       -Johnny at the UMass Amherst show, telling his Girls in College Story.

"That cow stole my Grammy!"
       -Johnny on Celine Dion winning at the Grammy Awards

"I can tell whether ot not that I've had a good performance by how many strings I break and how fast I fall asleep."

"I support anything that causes mass hysteria in children!"

"We will single-handedly responsible for bringing the magic of Pokemon over to Bosnia!"
       -Robby, on their Military tour in Europe

"We would just get fucked up out of our minds and play the most obnoxious shit we could possibly do."
       -Johnny, on the band's early days

"When you miss the record button too times because there were too many of them, then we'd quit. For the night."
       -Robby, on the band's drug-using days.

"It's like, holy cow, here we are! Happening! Finally!"
       -Robby, on the band's long-awaited success

"It's the only name more ridiculous then the one we have now."
       -Robby, on the band's old name

"So we came up with a really COOL name-The Goo Goo Dolls. That was smart."
       -Johnny, on how he hates their name

"I'm a fuck-up sometimes-BUT I'M WORKING ON THAT!"

"If someone hates us that much...that means someone's gotta like us that much."

"The minute you stick your head up, someone's gonna try to shoot it off."

"The hippest of the hip don't come to see us anymore, but that's fine with me cuz they're boring anyway."

"Everything happens for a reason and if you, if you stand right where you are now, and you look down and back everything, to all the events that lead up to you sitting in this room right now with me, you'll see where the order is and where you are right now is pretty amazing. Where we all are, where I am right now is amazing."

"Robby is the brother I never wanted."

"As much as I hate them, I love them, and as much as they hate me, they love me."
       -Johnny, on Robby and Mike

"Everytime I'm around those guys [Everclear, Foo Fighters, Green Day] I feel like I'm so uncool. I'm embarssed to say anything."
       -Johnny, on how he still feels intimidated by other bands

"The disparity between being a 1-year old boy playing air guitar, wishing I was a rock star, and the reality of the whole thing is insane."

"And Alanis Morisette went to the same screening of the movie that I did, [City of Angels] and it was the first time I had ever been in the same room with her, and I was like "Wow. I'm sitting in a movie theater with Alanis Morisette.' It was interesting."

"It was interesting...on so many different levels!"
       -Robby (goes with the quote above)

"When you get mad...remember-it takes 42 muscles to frown...and 4 to put up your middle finger!"

"When life gives you a lemon...throw it at someone!"

"I swear, everyone is from Buffalo. We were doing a show in Sweden and I asked if anyone was from Buffalo. I swear, 3 guys in the back shouted 'We're from Tonwanda!'"
       -Johnny (Tonwanda is a suburb of Buffalo)

"This is the most sissy song I have every written!"
       -Johnny, on Iris

"Everyone got loaded and fell asleep"
       -Johnny, on their Thanksgiving.

"I like being in America, where I'm ugly."
       -Johnny, on getting mobbed by fans in Europe

"Beavis is the most important character in American humor in the last fifteen years."

"Mandarin Chinese has no homonyms, so you can't pun - what do they do for kicks?"

"Robby's a really contagious individual. People are immediately drawn to him."

"If we had fifteen more minutes..."
       -Robby, on the time they had to make up a new band name.

"How is everyone out here in Masstapachoosetts?"
       -Robby at the UMass concert

"You know how neurotic I am? I an the only guy in the world with a self-help tattoo!"

"He held my head when I threw up in the toilet. He took me to the hospital to have my stomach pumped. He loaned me $20 last night. He listens to all my lies and ignores me when I'm full of shit. And that's a big difference if you know what I mean."
       -Johnny, on Robby

"We're on a real anti-Backstreet Boys trip here, aren't we?"

"Pur technical prowess is like, nik as players. I mean, we're competent, but I don't think that show suffers if I jump up into the audience and plau with the guitar out of tune for three songs-I don't care."

"Oh please! Dial 1-800-CRY-ME-A-RIVER!"
       -Johnny, to Mike when he talked about his "horrible" life

"You can speach Dutchto me as slow as you want and I'd still go 'Huh'"
       -Johnny in Amsterdam

"You know what? You guys shouls have a contest to rename the Goo Goo Dolls. You could win a dream date with the Rock, you know, Rock Takac, if you rename the Goo Goo Dolls. I think that's be hip."

"I was sitting around one day and I said, 'Life ain't easy for a boy named Goo."
       -Johnny, on where the title A Boy Named Goo camr from

"I feel lucky to have written a couple of songs that affected a lot of people. I feel proud that something we did as a band was ablr to transcend every format in radio and get to every listener it could. We're glad that those songs were able to stomp every limitation, genre or faction that exists in the music business today. The fans believed in the songs, and that's what matters to us."

"I hate dong music videos, I guess you have to though. If you want people to see your bamd and buy your records, you need to do them."

"I was arrested for being drunk in a public kinda thing. They slapped me around a little bit, sobered me up, sent me home. That was enough. I was scared straight."

"Only the Ramones can get away with making the same record seventeen times."

"You just have to play your guitar for the love of playing it, you know, and let it lead you, instead of trying to lead it into something."


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