Save The Freaks!!

Hey, here are some totally insane, wild and crazy party-goers,
who somehow managed to get cake AND Jell-O banned from any future parties!!

*Here is one of the SCARIEST pics that was taken...


*Well, we warned 'ya...if you click there, the owner accepts no liability; by clicking it, you indicate that you are in sound mind, and hereby accept the fact that, while what you are about to see may seem shocking, it is NOT my fault if you find it offensive...YOU clicked it, it's your fault! Ha, ha, Mrs. M, it's now on your shoulders!
(anyways, it really isn't bad, I mean it's from a movie which millions of YOUNG kids have seen and enjoy...
I think someone smart enough to be using this page would be able to handle it just fine).
So there.


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Hey, wait a really DID stay 'till the end!
I really am shocked that you're still here!
Okay, to show my gratitude, you may now use my page to gamble!
Enjoy, and good luck!

...and remember: he's watching....