Last Updated: November 16, 1999  

Lets go ...

Howdy ...

Yay! More Pictures! But I am affraid this website in its current incarnation will not survive another party! I just don't have enough web space! I have already registered a new domain but am looking for a server ... if any of you know of a good place to host my web site please let me know!

Anyway ...

On October 2, 1999, Alex introduced me to the party scene with a gem we like to call Earth Dance. Since then, we have been going to parties together almost every weekend. We normally come armed with the best vibe we can muster, a couple hundred suckers, and a big bundle of helium balloons! So if you ever see someone matching this description ... go say hi!

aka: Space Boy

as of November 16, 1999 party kids have flown by.
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