~ [8-may-06] Yeah, anyone who reads this can tell, I don't update this page very much. I used to have all the time in the world to update and make various webpages. These days, with working all the time, working a job and my own business, and raising a child by myself...well, I don't have the time for these types of things too much anymore. I did happen to get a MySpace, because it is super easy to update and keep in touch with friends who have moved away, etc. If you wanna know what the updated scoop on me is, check out My MySpace.

~[2-August-05] Finally, I'm updating the page again. Took me long enough! I'm just so busy with my 2 year old and chillin' out in "'da hood". Come on out in the summer for Wednesday night Block Party nights! Come on out on a Saturday night for going to the bar or bowling or whatever nights! We try to have lots of fun here in "'da hood". So, busy I have been. I'll be adding newer pictures of Alyssa, what a big girl she is becoming! It is so amazing to watch your child grow up!!

~[5-November-04] And would you look at that? I did a mini-makeover for the page. Yes, more clean cut, not so...well, green. I guess I was feeling "blue", hence the blue-ish color I chose. I thought it was nice looking. Watch out tho, those A Links are still HOT PINK! Yeah! :-) So, Although quite a lot of the country thinks Mr. Bush (crackpot, wait, that was coke...whoops) is our "new" president, they are still counting the votes in lonely Ohio. O-HI-O! I'm in the understanding that Kerry needs 130,000 votes to "take" Ohio and win the Presidential race. So why the concession speech so early? Hmmm...Here is some interesting reading about that subject: Click here. This is courtsey of our good friends at the Rumor Mill News Agency. You want what the real deal is, check that site out. (Thanx Dad!)
Anyways, not a whole lot new, I can say I have eyes again, and I'm FREE! Yeah!

~[7-August-04] Wow. Almost a year?!? I really haven't had time, obviously. Alyssa is now almost 14 months old. She is a walking, talking, very active TODDLER. Scary, Toddler. Baby no more! :( (But she will always still be my baby) So, a lot of stuff has changed and happened, and if you really want to know, you have to ask. And if you don't know me and you want to know, don't even bother to ask. So, enough for now, be sure to enjoy the last of this nice weather and sun before the winter cold & gloom sets in!!

~[1-September-03] Another update, finally. I have just about NO time anymore, what with a baby and all. Our daughter, Alyssa Quinn, was born on June 27th at 1:33 pm. She weighed in at 6 pounds and 10 ounces and was 19 3/4 inches long!! She is doing very well, gaining weight properly and she is trying to sit up already!! I have some pictures I have scanned in, they are Here. CHECK HER OUT!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! ( I am a bit biased, though...)
Anyways, I've been extremely busy with the baby and all, so any time I have free to myself (about 10 minutes a day, I swear) I just rest. So, when I get a chance and feel like updating this page, I'll do it. :)
I think thats about it for now, feel free to send me some E-Mail or sign the Guestbook.