They aren't Crazy!!!! THANK YOU!!!

WHOO HOO! As you've all heard, the lawsuit HAS been settled!!!! *N SYNC are no longer WITH TransCon!

The details have no been released. Except for this: TransCon and BMG will receive SOME of the profits that "No Strings Attached" makes. Not TOO great, but HEY! They are still *N SYNC and they are still here to please!

We at *N Lust for *N SYNC want to thank EVERY Webmaster who became involved with this "They aren't crazy!" Campaign. And, we would like to thank everyone who emailed us with their comments and their show of support for *N SYNC. This just goes to show that *N SYNC have the BEST fans in the world! We would like to thank you ALL for your co-operation!

Now, GO TO OUR SITE! :o)