Photos from my trip to Prague and Berlin

More photos to come soon!

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Erin, Sophia and Kristen before the boat party Madelyn, Erin and Jessika at the boat party Aww, a cute picture of Vladimir and Jessika Johanne, Meena, Kishim and Vlad- note how drunk Kishim looks! :) Sophia, Erin, Kristen, Lenny and Madelyn going to the boat Erin smokin' the hooka Erin and Sophia in front of a wall of graffiti, such a cute picture Jessika and Keith throwing some gang signs at Zizkov Jana, Akemi, Sophia, Erin, Jess, Lenny and Bryn in the dorm Erin, Sophia Madelyn and Lenny in Old Town Square. This is the BEST picture of all! Erin grabbing some guys package in the grounds of the Russian Embassy into which we snuck into!! Gasp! Johanne, her boyfriend, Kip, Sophia, Jessika, Erin, Josh and McKenzie Jessika, Keith and Erin on one of the last nights :( Jessika going down the cliff. Yay!! Lenny smokin' the hooka Lenny is her full Muslim gear Meredith smokin' too At the pub- Erin, Tiffany, Lenny, Johanne, Kip, and Jessika More folks at the pub- Sang, Alex, Tanya, Kishim, Mao, Keith and Anduin Erin and Jessika on top of the Reichstag in Berlin Keith at Zizkov Hill Erin and Keith with a tank at Zizkov Jana, Akemi, Filip and Tiffany at our Philosopher's Debate Flashing more gang signs with Keith Johanne, Meena and Kishim at the boat party The gang at Klichek at sunset Lenny and Keith doing shots at the boat party Lenny, Johanne and Erin at the hooka bar Mao and Erin Mao and Keith McKenzie, Johanne and Lenny at the boat party Madelyn, Jessika (drunk), Keith and Erin at the boat party Sophia and Jessika in the mirror maze Sophia and Jessika at a pub Sophia and Jessika at Petrin Hill Another shot of Keith and Erin with a tank. Watch out! Aww! Vlad and Heather at the retreat Finally, Jessika and Erin up at Zizkov

Thank you to Erin and Sophia for copies of some of these photos!