Everybody in da' club gettin' tipsy....
Jessika's 23rd Birthday Bash, April 24th, 2004
The Irish Lion, Bloomington, IN.

Neil and I descended upon Bloomington for birthday festivities and had a blast, but it felt like something was missing, and that was the presence of Elizabeth, Brooke, Kerri, Lesley, Jim and Curtly.
Nonetheless, the good times continued....

Dinner at The Crazy Horse on Friday
(from left to right) Jeff, Bekah, Greg, Scott, Jess, Neil and Maya

Bekah and Greg

Friday night at Yogis
Things have not changed in the last year, when I drink, I kiss people :)

Scott and Neil
They "pretended" to be a couple all night....

What an adorable picture!!!
Jess rubbing Neil's tiny Buddha belly

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..
Greg being our virtual jukebox all night.
I laughed so hard I cried

Look at Greg's eyes and his drink!!
Greg had three double White Russians and a martini, hence his drunken behavior!

Matty McGee and Kate

This is frightening!!
Mike The Waiter and Jess
(sadly Mike is leaving the Irish Lion so we had to say our goodbyes...
so he humped me and hugged me so hard, he twisted my neck!!

We left a spot between Jess and Jeff for Lesley.
(We miss you so much)

Hugs and (more) kisses to the following people:
Neilybug, Scott, Jeff, Greg, Bekah, Maya, Matt, Kate, Shelly, Erik, Kelly, and Bryan.
You are all the best

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