A Public Service Announcement About....

So here's a little story about Jack and Diane...

Ok, ok, not Jack and Diane, more like Neil and Jessika.
Anyhow, once upon a time (pre-2/22/04) they were very happy.....

They had celebrated Valentines Day the week prior and
had a lovely dinner then retired to Jessika's for an extra special night
*wink wink nudge nudge*

Back at the apartment, Neil asks Jessika to go south if you know what I mean.
Jessika thinks about it.....

"Sure, why not," she thinks....

This is just obscene now...

However, both knew that in the belly of Jessika's mouth hid a nasty cold sore (aka HERPES!)
And both knew that you can pass this type of herpes elsewhere

A week later...


Jessika's reaction

Let's see that one more time! Up close this time

And to the doctor they went to confirm that yup, The Herp has been passed!!!

Neil's reaction.....

Now Neil and Jessika can do such fun things like kayaking, mountainclimbing and biking!!

Because we know from the Valtrex commercials, you get to do those things once you get herpes!

So the lesson to be learned kids, is that oral sex with someone who has a cold sore can lead to genital herpes, so be careful!

Originally, I was gonna say, "Also, be warned, this is what our kids will look like due to being infected with herpes," but who am I kidding, Neil and I are both nerds and this is what our kids would like anyway. Aww. :(

This little site is pretty much just for Chris Terry and Kathy and then we are deleting it, too bad though since its so damned funny. But we have to laugh right? Neil said "if my dick has to leak and get blisters, then I'm at least glad its from you."
Such a romantic.

Loves, Jess and Neil

The original concept of putting the pictures of his infected dick and him shrugging was all Neil, he can totally have credit for starting this, but the rest was all Jessika (total comic genius) Thanks to Kath Kath for that goofy kids picture.