My fantastic vacation to Seattle and Vancouver
with Bekah and Elizabeth
July 2003

A couple days before we left, it was Bekah's birthday
So this is us celebrating her birthday

Then a couple days later we flew off to Seattle for a 5 day vacation which included renting a car and driving to Vancouver, Canada

We had to do the touristy thing
This is us in the top of the Space Needle

Elizabeth and her friend who took us out in Seattle

Us with our drinks that Microsoft guys bought us :)

Snoqualmie Falls outside Seattle
This was breathtaking

Nice scenic shots

So gorgeous
The nature is pretty too- haha -sarcasm there folks

Notice the cute flower in my hair
I was a hippie that day :)

I played in the snow in July!!!

Jess and Bekah in Vancouver

Sitting on a dog statue in Vancouver
Don't ask

I love this picture of Elizabeth laughing!
Bekah looks cute too :)

We saw this crazy lady walking down the street in Vancouver
Notice she has a pet duck in her cart. Weird

Bekah and Jess in Vancouver again

Smoking on the balcony of our Vancouver hotel

This is why vacation was nice:
It was beautiful weather
and we just relaxed (i.e. reading and drinking coffee)