Oh how I will miss Thursday nights....
A collection of photos from our
weekly Thursday nights at Yogis.
Thank god for half-priced mini-pitchers of booze
NEW PICS!! Updated 9/7/03

Our last Thursday at Yogis! *7/24/03*

Me and my girls..
Brooke and Jess (this is way too cute)

Jess and Kelly

Jess and Elizabeth
Aww, I'm gonna miss you Elizabeth! :(

Things got a little "friendlier" after a couple drinks...
Who am I kidding? Things are always this friendly. Theres always kissing going on! :)
This was just the triple kiss between Kelly, Kerri and Jess caught on film

Things got so friendly Elizabeth let us kiss her!
Jo was the lucky one to get her picture doing so

It's always nice to see Elizabeth smile
even if it's a drunk smile ;)

So I woke up on Friday with 1) a bad hangover
and 2) a rugburn on my arm.
We can see in this picture why I had both...
Jessika drunk on the floor, under the table
(I swear, I went under the table to cuddle with Elizabeth--who was under the table but escaped
before the cameras came--, I don't know why but it sounded like a good idea)

Do I need to say anything here?

My vote still goes to Alex for best faces in pictures!

Aww. Jo and Alex

Another incriminating picture of Elizabeth and Jo
Man, Elizabeth, you really were trashed eh?

We are too cute....

....and drunk

More love...
Shelly, Brooke and Erik

And still more love
Jo, Brooke and Jess and lots o' kisses

This is why we were trashed...
Kerri downing shots! oh yes! :)

You would think this was the end of the night...
Butnope, it was only a couple hours into the night


Now older Thursday night pics

The usuals...
(from left to right)Dan, Elizabeth, Jessika, Bryan, Bekah, Kelly, Alex
(missing from photo: Matt, Bryan, Brooke, Greg and Jo)

aww... Jess and Jim

In the yard in front of Yogis...
The end of another Thursday

Our honorary BN employees...
Kerri and Greg on another Thursday

Kelly, Kerri, Greg and Jess

We posed for silly "sexy" pictures...
Notice here, Kelly is grabbing my boobs....

And looky here..
Brooke is grabbing them now!

We were supposed to pretend we were sexy,
Kelly actually was being sexy here. meow ;)
And this is where Brooke licked my ear...

Speaking of licking...
My legs were so smooth that night Kerri and Greg couldn't keep their hands (or mouths) off ;)

Oh man, tequila shots
Nice face Greg! :)

The Yogi's crew...
(from left to right) Ross (Devin's friend), Devin, Kelly, Kerri, Greg, Jess, Elizabeth, Brooke and Matt
Everyone looks so good here! (especially Elizabeth and Brooke)

This wasn't a Thursday but a good time nonetheless
Kerri, Brooke, Matt and Rebecca at the Irish Lion

What a great photo
Bryan, Jess and Jim

Jo and Alex
Alex makes the best faces in photos

Hands down, the most adorable picture ever!
Aww, Brooke and Matty McGee

More drinking..
Jess and Jim

There was tons of smooching going on
But Elizabeth wasn't having any of it

Jo and Brooke

Kerri and Matt

The best kiss of the night
Kerri and Bryan

More pictures to come soon! :)

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