Footballing skills:


Whether the player can create goalscoring chances for his team-mates with incisive passes, headers, flick-ons etc.


Whether the player can take on and beat defenders to create dangerous situations from which a goalscoring chance might arise.


Whether the player has the tendency to do the unexpected, for example shoot from 30 yards, or try something brilliant.


Whether the player is good in the air and wins headers either in defense or attack.


Whether the player has the ability to track an opponent and mark him out of the game.

Off the Ball:

Whether the player makes good runs into space which can lead to a shot/header on goal if he is given the ball.


Whether the player can pass the ball where he wants it.


Whether the player has good defensive positional sense and rarely gets caught out of position.

Set Pieces:

Whether the player can make use of set piece situations(corner, free kick) either by making a creative pass or a direct shot on goal.


Whether the player scores goals.


Whether the player is good at making tackles to dispossess an opponent.


Whether the player has good control, first touch, and all round technical ability.

Goalkeeping skills

Shot Stopping:

This is the goalkeepers ability to save shots.


This is the goalkeepers accuracy when kicking or throwing the ball out.

Set Pieces:

This is the goalkeepers ability to defend set pieces, line up the wall etc.


This is the goalkeepers positioning for shots, crosses etc.

Aerial Ability:

This is the goalkeepers ability in the air, for example when handling corners and crosses.

Rushing Out:

This is whether the goalkeeper can rush out quickly in one-on-one situations.

Physical attributes


Whether the player goes in hard when competing for the ball, without necessarily being dirty.

Injury Proneness:

Whether the player is often out of action with injuries. The higher the rating the more likely the player is to get injured.


Whether the player has speed and acceleration both in and out of possession.


Whether the player can keep going at the end of the most grueling matches.


Whether the player has strength in holding off opponents to keep possession or in competing to win the ball.

Mental attributes


Whether the player keeps battling,even when the odds are against him.


Whether the player can motivate and inspire team-mates, as for example a captain would.


Whether the player can read the game and make good decisions about when to sit back, push up etc.

Hidden attributes

Big Occasion:

Whether the player rises to the occasion in big games, play- offs, top of the table clashes, cup,finals, etc.


Whether the player reacts badly to on/off the field events. On the field this could be whether he reacts to provocation, off the field whether the player reacts to being dropped, fined etc. The higher the rating the more likelythe player will react badly to on/off the field events.


Whether the player normally performs to his ability and rarely has an off day.


The amount of bad fouls, bookings and sending off a player is likely to commit/get. You can tell who has a high rating for this because of the amount of fouls, yellow and red cards the player has, or the number of disciplinary points.


This is an overall rating of how good the player is now.

Potential Ability:

This is a rating of how good the player could become. For a young player his ability will tend to rise towards his potential ability as he gets older;for a player at his peak his ability will tend to be equal to his potential ability; for an older player his ability will tend to drop below his potential ability. The ability rating is therefore a variable rating and all the other ratings are relative to this rating and the potential ability rating.

What the playing styles stand for

The manual lacks information on the meaning of the three playing styles I have included a small description of each. Even if the styles are quite self-explanatory it might help out a bit...

Long Ball:

This is where the ball is hit long and high up front into zones asoppose to any target man. Even if the defenders win the ball, advancing midfielders and strikers are quick to close down possession and try and win back the ball. A lot of the lower division teams would employ this style of play, sometimes known as a 'percentage game'.


This is where the team would build up the play by short passing movements. Examples of this style would be Liverpool, Newcastle, and Nottingham Forest.


This is where the ball is played from the back to the forward players, without necessarily being passed through the midfield. This differs from Long Ball, in that passes are aimed at particular players (e.g. a targetman), rather than just booted into areas. Examples of teams playing this style are Blackburn and Everton. Good players to buy, english and foriegners This is a list of players who are good buys and not always that expensive which can be very useful managing lower division club when your finances isn't that good as it was was when you managed Newcastle... (Note that this list applies to version 2.0 96/97 update)

Home based players

Player name-------Current Club-------Positon

  • Richard Wright---Ipswich Town---GK
  • Lee harper---Arsenal---GK
  • Ian Walker---Tottenham Hotspur---GK
  • David Unsworth---Everton---SW/D LC
  • Tony Waughan---Ipswich Town---D LC
  • Christian Dailly---Derby County---D/M RLC
  • Jon O'Connor---Everton---D RC
  • Mommanis Bokoto---W.B.A.---D L
  • Marlon Broomes---Blackburn---D C
  • James Saddington---Bristol City---D RC
  • Mike Lapper---Southend---D L
  • Mark McNally---Derby County---D RC
  • Bryan Hughes---Wrexham---AM C
  • Neil Lennon---Leicester City---AM C
  • Chris Holland---Newcastle United---AM R
  • Lee Bowyer---Leeds United---M RLC
  • Lee Clark---Newcastle United---M LC
  • Roy Keane---Man Utd---DM C
  • Sasa Curcic---Aston Villa---M C
  • Eric Cantona---Man Utd---F C
  • Karl Conolly---Wrexham---F C
  • Graeme Tomlinson---Man Utd---F C
  • Michael Branch---Everton---S C
  • Noel Whelan---Coventry City---S C

    Foriegn based players

    Foreign players a bit more expensive but is often proved to be good buys, especially those who come from eastern Europe

  • Sebastiano Rossi--- AC Milan--- GK
  • Plavio Roma--- SS Lazio--- GK
  • Fernando Caceres--- Boca Juniors--- SW/D C
  • Paolo Maldini--- AC Milan--- SW/D LC
  • Nikola Jurcevic--- Casino Salzburg--- D R
  • Anton Dobos--- Steaua--- D R
  • Barjuan Sergi--- FC Barcelona--- D/M L
  • Migel Angel Nadal--- FC Barcelona--- SW/D C
  • Diego Simieone--- Atlethico Madrid--- M C
  • Mario Basler--- Bayern Munich--- M RC
  • Dani--- Ajax Amsterdam--- AM/F RLC
  • Alexander Prizetko--- Dinamo Kiev--- F RC
  • Ronaldo--- FC Barcelona--- F C
  • Enrico Chiesa--- Parma--- F R