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Below I have listed some bands that were inspired by The Vaselines.
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We all know Nirvana was inspired by the Vaselines here's what it says about them in the Incecticide liner notes:

It was as rewarding as the last Vaselines show in Edinburgh. They reformed just to play with us in their home town, probably having no idea how exciting and flattering it was for us (and how nervous we were to meet them).
Kurdt and Eugene
Above is Kurt singing with Eugene.

Here's what it says about The Vaselines in Teen Spirit.:

This song was also recorded at the October 1990 Peel session. As Cobain was often quick to point out in interviews, he did not consider himself the first or the best at crafting music that pumped pop songs with rock power. The Beatles were an influnce he proudly claimed. Another influence that was equally important to him, although much less well-known to the public at large, was he Vaselines, a band from Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Vaselines were one of those rare bands who managed to combine thoroughly accomplished song writing skills with an amazing amateurish approach to instrumental technique and studio-work. (The first time they were in a studio they recorded their first single.) The engagingly tilted minds behind the Vaselines belonged to delicately voiced Frances McKee and gruffer partner Eugene Kelly, later of Eugenius. the band was not prolific - their entire catalogue was re-issued on a Sub Pop CD in 1992 - but they were significant in that, at a time when the rock of the 1980's was particularly bloated, market-driven and joyless, the Vaselines made music brimming with childlike excitement.

'Molly's Lips' plays as an interesting companion piece to 'Sliver'. The vocals are again coming from a child's point of view, and the youngster has been promised that he'll be taken anywhere as along as he kisses on Molly's lips. In both the less rocked-out Vaselines original version and the Nirvana version, the bounce of the tune and sweetness of the melody make it sound like the child/singer is oblivious to how creepy all those kisses are starting to seem, but the listener gets the point.

An earlier version of 'Molly's Lips', recorded with Chad Channing, was the source of some friction between Nirvana and Sub Pop as band and label parted ways at the beginning at 1991. Nirvana owed the label one more single. Sub Pop's Pavitt and Poneman were hoping for an original tune rather than an obscure cover and Cobain felt that that particular version of 'Molly's Lips' wasn't very good, so neither wanted to realease it. But Cobain wasn't about to give up one of the new songs he was bringing to Butch Vig for the Nevermind sessions. Sub Pop needed to stick to a release schedule, however, and so 'Molly's Lips' it was, backed with 'Candy' by the Fluid.

The Vaselines reunited to play a concert with Nirvana when the 1990 European tour brought Cobain and company to Edinburgh. In the liner notes to Incesticide, Cobain listed this show as one of the most rewarding moments of Nirvana's life in the previous year.

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Incense is another band inspired by The Vaselines.

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