Theologian records
Self Titled,           Epitaph records  1.Wouldn't It Be Nice 2.Rules 3.The Secret 4.Living For Today 5.Come Out ighting6.Homeless 7.Open Door 8.Pennywise9.Who's To Blame 10.Fun And Games 1.Kodiak12.Side One 13.No Reason Why 14.Bro Hymn 
Unknown Road,  
Epitaph records, 
Tomorrow,           Epitaph records,  1.Tomorrow 2.Don't Feel Nothing 
About Time,  
Epitaph records
1. peaceful day 2. waste of time 3. perfect people4. every single day 5. searching 6. not far away7. freebase 8. it's what you do with it 9. try10. same old story 11. i wont have it 12. killing time 
Full Circle,   
Epitaph records
1. Fight Til You Die 2. Date With Destiny 3. Get A Life 4. Society 5. Final Day 6. Broken 7. Running Out Of Time 8. You'll Never Make It 9. Every Time 10. Nowhere Fast 11. What If I 12. Go Away 13. Did You Really 14. Bro Hymn Tribute

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