If any of you surfers out there know of any Pennywise or other punk links that cannot be found here on this page then please send me the address.


This page has everything, it also has the bands tour date, viewing this page isn't a waste of time.

Here is my favorite page, nice page layout, nice backgrounds and images, this page looks professional. Go visit

The Official Pennywise Page: This page is maintained Pete and this is a great PW page it's got sound files too that's in WAV format. Once again here's a neat place!!

Eric and David's Pennywise Page : contains a lot of links, not just Pw links

The Brazillian PW homepage: lot's and lot'sa stuff! Visit his page now!!!

Punk Labels

Home of Rancid, Voo doo Glow Skull, the Humpers, Millencolin and many cool punks. This is actually a mailing list.

If you are a fan of NOFX, Good Riddance, Lagwagon or Propaghandi this is a place for you!! This record company is my favorite!!.

Raw Energy This is run by Ryan Izzard, this record labels is Canadian, it has released albums of bands like Five knuckle Chuckles, Three impotent males, Trunk.

Hopeless Records 88 Fingers Louie, Falling Sickness


Huel Records ska bands, like Squatweiler.

Fearless Records A californian record label, released albums from Blount

Ampersand Records


Home of bodyjar, homegrown,this is a swedish record label..


Punk Sites

Nice page they have some kind of Punk program, so you could post your banner in trade of theirs!

The PUNK page links to both newschool and oldschool bands

Punk Tab Archive Controlled by ryan izzard, has largest collection of punk tabs , better check this out

Ryan Izzard's Punk Page This man has contributed a lot to the WWW dealing with punk homepages . This is his main page visit this page .

Round Flat Records

Nepente Official Punkpage This is a swedish site , it has alrge collection of links to swedish punk bands

Roni's Punk Page

PunkWorld This is a cool page, it's got all the stuffs you need to know

Lupo's Punx Page Links to many bands

Punk Links "It doesn't take rocket scientist to figure out what this page is all about" as what my math teacher MR.MERCER would say!!!

The Punk&Ska Page The best site in the whole entire WWW!!

Dorky's smurfingly homepage   here's a cool site, a lot of sound files and links, a lot of info on bands like the queers, smurfs, hi fives and other neat bands that I don't listen to as much.

Punk Zines

PUNK ROYALE Fanzine's Neato Web Site!

Heckler Magazine Homestead

Other Bands Pages: I've got loads of more, I'll post it up later!!

The Unofficial Ten Foot Pole Page

The BIG Page of NOFX

Strung Out Homepage

Other pages:

These pages have nothing to do with pennywise!

Quake and Java page: lot's of info on quake and learn some java codes! This page is maintained by Matti.

John's Marvel page: lot's of cool pics, neat page!

John [v]'s page: IRC stuffs.

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