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Melody Fellows is a professional singer/songwriter/drummer. Melody has a magical drive for the creation of hauntingly melodic, original pop/rock songs. Her voice evokes a striking depth of emotion, conviction, and pure honesty. Since early childhood, music has been her passion. Melody started playing drums at the age of 9 and has been singing and writing original music since she was 15. Her first drum kit was made up of Monopoly, Life, Parchesi and Trouble boxes. At 14, the "fam" finally caved to the madness and bought her a Slingerland drum set. By the time she was 15, she was writing her first songs and recording them on a small cassette player. With the eclectic sounds that filled her home influencing her earliest songs, like every other teenager, Melody found herself drawn to a diverse range of pop/rock music reflective in her sound today. Melody then attended the University of Colorado School of Music as a performance major where she continued developing her songwriting.
In 1996, Melody began to focus exclusively on writing and recording while continuing to develop her own individual sound and style while lead singing and drumming with Wicked Honey. With a wide variety of songs completed, Melody recorded a 3 song demo at Paramount Recording Studios in Hollywood, CA. and is currently working on finalizing her first CD. In 1999 she played various places in Asia and was featured on Monster Rock 93.1 Manila, Philippines. You can check catch her throughout New Zealand and Australia during March, 2001. Thank you to everyone for all your support here and abroad. For copies of the demo or upcoming gigs send an email request to any of the Email addresses below,
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