The dreams of my life
are slowly fading away
I really want to leave
but your pride makes me stay

I feel my soul starting to sink
My dreams are starting to
touch the bottom of the lake
'Cos I need to search
for what I really need

I'll leave if I want to
I'll stay if I have to
and I'll search for what I really need
search, search

'Cos if I really want to fly,
I'll have to sink my life and die
Just go up to the sky
Just searching for what I need.

Dream Away while you can.

another shadow of my soul
waiting for my soul to roll alone
all alone, all around the street
my soul is yours and you can have it my brain is mine and i control it
my life has scared away the open road
it seems me
my thoughts are beginning to sink me
it seems to me
the tides are beggining to sink me
i've had enough living in the world

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