Life:(my life)

My life is a herecy a facade
My life is a game and a joke
I spend my days laughing at other ignorance
My nights are spent dreaming of success
I simply see no light; but a train
at the end of my miserable tunnel.
The light seems so peaceful and draws me near
I cannot do anything that I want
I play "my game" by other's rules
Why can't I tell the truth?
Why is everything black and white, cut and dry?
Well, its not. It's blue, green, ragged, and all wet
yet the ignorant or simply subservient, focus
focus on these "black and white" issues
I guess it's "their candy store"
And I am just here to sell their candy
Why is my life fullof misery?
Cremate my bloated excuse for a body
scatter my putrid ashes in a puddle,
and forget about me.
Allow my ashes to flow into the gutter with all the other trash
flowing into the sewer where I belong.
Why can't i have somthing beautiful?
My soul you say? You haven't been listening!

Well, nothing new. I have to go back to the store and continue selling "their candy".

Well don't worry folks this was written on a bad day in a very terrible class. I would love to hear some constructive criticism.