My Heroes:)

I love Bis...and everyone who knows me knows it:) I saw them in concert on the 31 May (it was my first concert) But they changed my perspective on music...but for the better! They just prove you don't have to sound like everyone else to be brilliant. And Manda Rin ("the only good keyboarder in the world!") is my biggest hero (no offense to Mr. Disco and Sci-Fi! They're great as well:) ) because she's just way cool about being famous. They were just on an MTV show called "Indie Outing" and Manda said, "my goal is to influence bands and make a lot of good records". (NOTE: I didn't quote word for word, so if I'm wrong...I'm sorry!:) ) I thought that was really cool. And when I met her...she was SO incredibly nice! I dunno...I expected every pop star to have even a little bit of an ego but Manda was so modest...I can't help but want to be like her when I'm famous! (and I will be!:) )

l to r: John Disco Manda Rin Sci-Fi Steven

Candida Doyle of Pulp is one of the greatest keyboardists of the 20th century:) I absolutely love the way she plays and her style as she plays. It's so cool:))

Jay Darlington of Kula Shaker is my favorite organist...he's wonderful! Everytime I listen to Kula Shaker I just listen and wish that I could play that well! I started learning keyboard because of Mr. Darlington...(I learned of Candida and Manda later on)...and I'm still wishing that I could play as well as him! Oh...and he disco dances! How much cooler can a person get?

picture courtesy of my sis...she's the hostest of the Kula Shaker mailing list:)

l to r: Jay Darlington - Paul Winterhart - Crispian Mills - Alonza Bevan