My Music Page

This page is based on all my favorite music. It may take a couple of minutes for the blasted pictures to come up, but other than that, enjoy!

The Jam are one of my favorite bands. Even though Mr. Weller is kinda a buttmunch now, he was pretty cool back then. It has some cool stuff...guitar tab, pictures, etc. It's nice

Elvis Costello is definitely one of my favorite artists. But I lost some of my respect for him when I found out that he likes George Jones. I died. (I met Mr. Jones. I didn't like him one bit!) But I did find a nice homepage.

Eric Clapton is one of my favorite artists by FAR. When I was 12, that's when I really started listening to him (Cream era) and taught myself the Unplugged album by then as well. I love the music that he makes. It is SO nice. But anyway, I found a homepage for him.

Blur is really good. My sister really got me into them. If you want to see some neat pics from a Blur concert that she went to...But here's one that I've been blessed to have. I play guitar and my sis told Graham that I did so he drew me a picture of one. Very nice of him! And he's my absolute favorite guitarist. Just listen to the solo in 'This is a Low'. My definate's absolutely beautiful!

Bis are one of my favorite bands...they're so good! I saw them in concert...and they're brilliant! The music is wild...I love it:) It was my first gig to ever attend (and I'm SO glad it was my first gig), and they put on the such a great live show...I loved it. They were the nicest people as well. But here's their page.

Pulp is another one of my favorite bands...I think that they're facinating! I'm dying to see them in concert...but what's the chances of them coming to Dallas? Not very big...but that just means I'll enjoy them even more when I see them one day. But Candida Doyle is one of my heroes...I think she's such a cool keyboardist...her style and everything. And if you play in the same band as Jarvis, you're definately cool enough for me!

Kula Shaker are definately up there on my list...I can't help but love them...they rock. Especially Jay. I learned how to play the keyboard pretty much because of him and I just can't help but love how that dude plays...he's so cool. And a band that makes a song that's as great as 'Moonshine'...gawd, they are rad.

I'll be updating this more and look back every now and then!

smiley face courtesy of Rob Weber's homepage ( go scope it out!