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Here's the picture my 3 brothers and I gave to my mom for Mother's Day
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Hello, and welcome.  My name is Patricia and this is my homepage.  The pages I've created are about my friends, family, my life; basically everything important to me.  I have lots of memories, pictures, and other things on these pages like stories, poems, lyrics, and my favorite Bible verses.  To let you know an overview of my life, I'm 21 years old and I was born and raised in Minnesota.  I'm going into the second half of my junior year in Fall 2002.  I plan to major in Biochemistry, premed.  I have 3 brothers, Nate, Dylan, and Cody.  My hobbies include photography, webpage design, writing, reading, dancing, singing, and traveling.  Above all else, i enjoy hanging out with my close friends and my family. 
Here's the link to my new UST webpage...
Check out Mike Scheicher and Shannon McCaw's Wedding, which took place at Northwestern College, and the reception, which took place at Calhoun Beach Club....
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