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Welcome to Howe Park, the home of Snooze, your personal assistant in the world of UseNet, NewsGroups, NNTP & News Servers.

This XNews-friendly Windows News searcher will save you time & effort in your search for information relevant to you.

Developed over the course of several years Snooze has been optimized to cater for News servers with connection & download limits or performance problems. It uses standard .ini & newsrc files for configuration, and is therefore compatible with XNews and other GKNSA News readers.

Checkout the Download page if you want to try importing NZB files into XNews.

Fixes part numbering in article subject lines
extracted from NZB files.

Remove need for NZBImportArticleNumberPattern by adding
UUList setting to the supplied snoozeNZBImportOnly.ini file.
Also fixed whitespace trimming when adding (mm/nn) to
imported threads, to match XNewsQueue.

Fixes bad article ordering in incorrectly formed NZB files.
Check for the NZBImportArticleNumberPattern entry in the .ini file

allows an NZB file to be specified on the command line, therefore Snooze
can be associated with NZBs to allow import from Explorer,
or single-part NZBs can be automatically imported from XNews.

Fixes just released to allow creation of Folders from the Import dialog,
renaming of irritating ".nzb" files,
and to stop queuing articles with empty server name
(causing Xnews to retry even when article downloaded).

Comments welcome.

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