I just realized that I haven't even updated this opening paragraph in over a year. Apologies. I update the LiveJournal pretty frequently. Otherwise, this is mostly an archive of high school and college. I don't have time to manage the site right now - school keeps me insane and when I'm teaching, it's even crazier. We go on trips and hang out when we have time, otherwise it's work, work, and more work. One of these days I'll finish my PhD and then we can look forward to... new jobs! Anyway. See you at the LJ.


  • LIVEJOURNAL is like the diary you keep under the bed... assuming everyone you know lives under the bed as well

  • PHOTOS of friends, family, bands, travel, and other junk

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  • My current READING & GAMING list


  • Stuff about ME that you probably don't need to know

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  • My adventures with DGENERATION

  • Want to learn about GENE EXPRESSION PATTERNS in Arabisopsis? I made a database-driven site for the genes our lab studies...

  • A page about GYMNOSPERMS that we made for biology

  • The LINUM site I made for botany

  • An ANIMATION we made for Developmental biology lab

  • A site I created about Dr. Pholey's Franklin College ALASKA trip

  • alaska
    Mike, Erin, Adam, & Ian - Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau Alaska / July 2004

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