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My Favorite Links

My Favorite Guitarist . . .Eric Clapton!

A very nice Clapton a Japanese fan!

Another Clapton Site!...from Warner Bros. Records!

Yet Another One...This One From Sweden!

A Nice ftp Site with LOADS of Wav's

Easy Now!...One More Clapton Site!

A History Of Cream!...from A&M Records!

Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert 2 Site!

Other Guitar Greats . . .

An Array Of Led Zeppelin Links!

Are You Experienced?...Official Hendrix Site!

Stevie Ray Vaughan...The Sky Is Crying For You!

Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute Site!

Stevie Ray Vaughan: His Final Performance!

Walk This Way to Aerosmith's Site!

Music Links . . .

The Official Steve Winwood Site!

Warner Brother's Records...Lots of Music!

Just in Case You Don't Know the Words!

Let There Be Lips!!!...Rocky Horror Site!

Close to the Edge, Down by the River!...YesWorld!

The Music Of Haight-Ashbury...60's Acid Rock!

Cool Links to My Wife's Favorite Artist Rod Stewart

Links to Other Sites on the Web

A Special Link for My Special Lady!


Send a Friend Some Flowers.

Send a Gift to a Friend...Or A Lover!

My Place of Employment!

Some Sites of My Home Town...

My Home Town...Philadelphia, City of Brotherly Love!

Here's What We do on New Years Day...Paaaarrrrty!

The Franklin Institute...A Fun Place for Young and Old Alike

Let's Go Flyers...Capture The Cup!!!

Soar Into The Eagles Nest!

My Friends on the Web...

A Lady in Indiana!!!

Another Lady in Indiana!

A Lady in Florida!

My Neighbor...Yo Paulie!

A Lady With an Erotic Flair!

A Buddy's Fishin' Hole!

My Bestest Friend on the Web!

My Family on the Web...

My Favorite Little Guy!

My Favorite Little Girl!

A Page for My Living Rug...Rufus!

My Kid Sister...Hands Off!!!

An Extra Special Lady...My Wife!

A Look Into The Realm of Fantasy & Myth!

A Peek At My Other Interests!

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