Philip Jaye
(Music Madman)
Just who is Philip Jaye "Music Madman"?
Science has yet to answer that question, but this is for sure I do know music. I currently work in radio. I have worn all the hats in the business, but I am one of the best music directors  around. To say I love music is a gross understatement, although I like all music I am partial to Rock.
As you will see below I have a few links and will ad more if you want your pages linked. This page is just starting so as I think of more I will let you know.
Stations I have worked at WAQE, WMYD, WJMC all of Rice Lake Wisconsin, and KVAY in Lamar, Colorado. I am now back in Northwestern Wisconsin trying to establish K.A. Productions.
   K.A. Productions is a media, music, audio consulting, advertising , production and creative concepts business. Working with bands to get them established and management for them as well as  doing voice work for radio and other media services. If you want to know more e:mail me.
   Currently working with Mark Thompson & The Mark Thompson Band. Click on the link and find out where they are playing. The shows will be more fun than the law should allow.
The Mark Thompson Band
John Fogerty
Crate Your Own Sound
Musicians Friend
Ovation Guitars
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