OmG!! ItS BeEn A WhiLE SiNcE I AcTuAlLy, WoRkEd oN ThIs SiTe, So HeReS WhAt
I HaVe So FaR, A PaGe FoR My FaV BaNds, AlL AltErNaTiVe, CuZ I DoN't CaRE
FoR RaP, SoMe Of My FaV BaNdS ArE, BuSh, BeAsTiE BoYs, BeCk, SmAshInG PuMpKiNs
GrEeNdaY, No DoUbT, AnD MaNy OtHerS, JusT RuNnInG oUttA RoOm. AlSo, On HeRE
ThErE Is A GaMe SeCtiOn, WhErE U cAn DoWNloAd SoMe Of ThE KeWLeST GameS, EvER
MaDe. ThErEs AllOta CrAp On ThIs SiTe sO Go MeSs ARoUnD WiTh It, AnD SiGn
My QuEsTBoOk, To SaY HeY, Or JuST fOr SoMe DaMn ComMeNtS!!!

BuTtHeAd AnD BeAvIs SoUnDs
3D AcTiOn GaMeS
DuKe NuKeM
ShaDoW WaRrIoR

MlB ScOrEs

CoRy'S SkAtEBoArDiNg CrAp
SoMe HoMo'S PaGe =)

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E-MaiL Me DaMnIt!

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