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Hail All.
Bloody Greetings at the Infernus Web Cell.

so ... what The fuck Infernus is?
Infernus is the one most extremal band in this God damned hole called Bishkek. if you see any releases labeled with this Logo Then Get it and make your ears bleeding.

Infenus loves corpses infernus whole

Smash da bloody item:

History and Band's Info
(update 01.01.98)
Band's Lyrics
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Avaliable stuff
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Band's News
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Who support us
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Story of Creation of the band Named INFERNUS(updated 01.01.98)

The band was created after Fyodor's previous project "Infanticide" broke up due to some shit and confilicts among its members. Shitting around his University Fyodor met ex-vocalist of "I'm whole Green" shitloaded punky band (which still exist By the way, but does only accoustic shit gigs only), entitle Bo, who was sick to death of doing nothing also. So, after a short 5 minute talk these two Mental metal outlaws decided to start a new project for named latter as"ThunderPhuck".(no idea where it came from thu.) For the first band was going to play kind of alternative/grange shit, but soon realized that it could much more than just killin' time for producing shitloaded Nirvana-like sounds. That's how Infernus started.

Our current line-up is:(on the right-side picture from the right to the left)

Whole band could be reached via Fyodor's email fygrave@usa.net or via his mailing address:

To: Infernus
microregion 5, 43/77
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
former USSR
zip: 720073

or just make a call if you want to talk: (+7 3312)474465 or (+7 3312) 283202

Avaliable stuff
For now we ha ve recorded some our live Records on Video plus a whole bunch of live records. (not of great quality either). So if you want to us to share, just give a yell

Nowdays we are working out on getting into some Local studio for recording Good quality Demo. So look forward for it.
If you would want to be subscribed on our announce list send message to majordomo@unslaved.freenet.bishkek.su with subscribe infernus in body.


We have been writting a whole bunch of lyrics during our more that one year existence, but here we would list only of those songs, which we are currently play on gigs and evil messes.

Songs List:Label (no lyrics avaliable yet) means that