Here they are:

1.)Dillinger Four "Versus God"(Hopeless)
2.)Sunny Day Real Estate "The Rising Tide"(Time Bomb)
3.)Leatherface "Horsebox"(BYO)
4.)Samiam "Astray"(Hopeless)
5.)Alkaline Trio "Maybe I'll Catch Fire"(Asian Man)
6.)The Anniversary "Designing A Nervous Breakdown"(Heroes & Villians/Vagrant)
7.)The Sheila Divine "New Parade"(Roadrunner)
8.)Tiltwheel "Hair Brained Scheme Addicts"(Cool Guy)
9.)Swingin' Utters "Swingin' Utters"(Fat)
10.)Avail "One Wrench"(Fat)

Hororable Mentions:

At The Drive-In "Relationship Of Command"(Grand Royal)
Elliott "False Cathedrals"(Revelation)
The Honor System "Single File"(Asian Man)
The Jealous Sound "The Jealous Sound"(Better Looking)
Flogging Molly "Swagger"(Side One Dummy)

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